Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Resources 

Serving the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries, 

and Companies that Support those Industries.

PharmaMed Resources, LLC brings valuable quality assurance and regulatory affairs experience to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, and companies that support those industries.  

Our customers will benefit from our many years of quality assurance, regulatory and management experience in the pharmaceutical, medical device, clinical and chemical fields whether on a single project or by complete oversight of their quality system.

Our proactive approach looks at the entire quality assurance and regulatory system needs to provide the necessary infrastructure to move your product or process from concept to customer while satisfying compliance requirements for your market.

Regardless of company size, PharmaMed Resources, LLC can help you insure the safety and effectiveness of your products (medical devices, pharmaceuticals, etc.) or services by effectively and legally managing all processes from concept to customer.

Founding member of the Michigan CMC Alliance